Life Management Program

- presently being offered twice a year

There is a significant lack of options for priority youth and adults who are parents. In addition to the difficulties of being a parent of one or more children is the added pressure of determining a  life plan and career path. A need for life/employability skills has been identified.  Although there are counselors available to work with individuals one-on-one, the caseloads are growing, making it difficult to meet each person’s needs.  There are also a  number of individuals in the community who are currently not receiving service.  The Life Management Program allows us to meet the needs of a group of individuals collectively, allowing community organizations and agencies to share resources and work with clients in a larger group. 

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It is the intent of this initiative to provide 12 individuals, who are identified as priority youth, with the opportunity to gain a multitude of skills that will allow them to set long term life/career goals and to develop a specific plan of action that will guide them in reaching their goals. Overall we will be implementing a participatory, highly interactive experience that will have a life changing influence on the individuals who participate in this project.  This would have a profound impact on their children’s futures as well.

Over the past two and half years we have offered 4 programs, accepting 48 participants with 43 individuals successfully graduating from the Life Management Program.

This program would not be possible without funding from Service Canada through the Youth Employment Strategy.

The curriculum for this program has been created by Clara Roche whose background, experience and character has provided a wealth of knowledge to the program participants and the staff of The Adventure Group.



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In the fall we offer the Life Management Program to 12 parents ages 18-30 who participate in 18 weeks of Life, Parenting and Employment skills sessions that will assist them in taking the  next step in their employment action plan.

In the spring we offer the Life Management Program to 12  youth ages 17-30 who participate in 12 weeks of Life and Employment skills sessions that will assist them in taking the next step in their employment action plan.

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"Life is what’s happening to you when you are making other plans"